All in the Family

My family is known for some great photographers. We are also known for never seeing family pics after they have been taken. As we gather year after year for family reunions, parties, and more we take tons of pics and the professionals in the family take our pictures. After which that’s all she wrote, it’s time for a change and the change starts with me. 

Who would have thought life’s roads would bring me here? To this blog, this opportunity, and priceless moments to capture Gods wonderful creations. I hope to bring you fun posts filled with gorgeous captured moments. Let’s stay connected. 

Here is a sneak peak of my most recent family photo shoot 


Their is nothing like a father watching his son grow to walk in his footsteps. With this image I wanted to capture this little guy attempting to stand on the feet of his father. This dipicts such strength love and unity especially in the eyes of a mother.